Should a brand change its slogan?

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Where would Nike be without “Just do it?” How about Green Giant without it’s, “Ho! Ho! Ho?” Not to mention Rice Krispies without its “Snap! Crackle! & Pop!,” or the State Farm Insurance Company without its “Good neighbor,” slogan. Then there’s, “The Other White Meat,” which of course is associated with, pork – the meat. Now it turns out, the National Pork Board is on a quest for a different slogan. Back in 1987, “The Other White Meat,” meant to communicate that pork was as healthy as chicken and hosts could feel proud to serve it to their nutritionally savvy family members and guests.
But that was then. Now Pork Board members believe the slogan has lost its luster and is no longer changing minds. As a result sales of pork are flat. The average American, if such an average citizen could be found, consumes only about 50 pounds of pork a year. On the other hand, the same or another average American annually consumes 83 pounds of chicken, up from 55 pounds in 1988. A new slogan could be the launch of a new and more current identity, causing customers to take notice.
Not everyone agrees. Some believe a slogan connects a brand with consumers but is not intended to drive sales. On the other hand, others argue that a brand should take risks. Otherwise it could be stuck in a rut, missing opportunities to stand out. This leaves some wondering whether a slogan should be more like leopard spots or underwear – in terms of change. Meanwhile as an April Fools joke, advertised a new product, “Canned Unicorn Meat – the new white meat.” But not everyone laughed. A legal team for the Pork Board sent ThinkGeek a cease and desist letter for “Infringement and Dilution of Trademark Rights.” There shouldn’t be a new white meat other than the other white meat.

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