Should gadgets have a cuteness factor?

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Imagine $90 billion worth of gadgets. What could that or a tenth of that mean for your business? News from the world of statistics says that in 2007, $90 billion worth of gadgets were purchased by women. Additionally, women influenced 61 percent of all consumer electronics purchases. From smart phones to music players, to cameras, to laptop computers and all their accessories, women represent a key demographic.

We know some out there are thinking that it seemed like just yesterday when women were stuck behind their chainsaws and welding masks. Others would prefer that women stick to the House… and the Senate. Still others want women to be more traditional, like the Barefoot Contessa. But the genie is out of the bottle and women everywhere are freeing themselves from the shackles of their corner offices thanks to technology.

At the recent SXSW Festival much discussion was focused on Geek Moms and their influence in the world of technology. Women who leave their corporate jobs to stay at home with their children are unlikely to leave their technological brains behind. They are more likely to embrace technology as an integral part of motherhood. These Geek Moms are often the bloggers and twitterers connecting with like minded folk across the globe.

Beyond blogging and twittering though, tech moms are out there giving product reviews, creating holiday gift lists, advising on problem-solving and in general, influencing technology purchases. The family calendar isn’t stuck on a wall anymore. It’s in a smart phone or similar device. Ditto for the grocery list. In one survey of 3,000 women, 65 percent said they used five or more forms of technology daily.

All of which means that women are a force not to be ignored in the technological world. We envision a future where technology moves away from basic colors and shapes with lots of cute yet functional gadgets for geeky moms. And we’re hoping this goes beyond the pink phone.

Check out cute robot video here: Cute robot

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