Should you buy Twitter followers?

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Yes Virginia, it’s a brave new world out here. Where once Twitter was ridiculed for its shallow focus on what people are doing, “now,” boy, oh boy, how times have changed. Twitter can make grown men cry, if only for the misdeeds they thought they were committing in secret. But more than that, the popularity of Twitter for breaking news and breaking scandals continues to generate the ongoing question of its relevance in the world of social media marketing. Can you start conversations there that eventually lead to product or service sales? And really, if you’re new to the Twittersphere and you’re not a bona fide celebrity, how do you get people to follow you in the first place?
Well, Virginia, you can buy Twitter followers. One package offers a thousand followers for around $30 or 40,000 followers for around $300. Or you can pay about ten times more. Some promise targeted followers based on location or industry. In another case you can gain points for every person you follow then spend those points to acquire followers. Ultimately, it isn’t the intentions of the purchased followers that matter because no one knows what they will do. Buyers of followers can create the impression that they are influential, thereby attracting “true” followers. The non-purchased followers would then be more likely to click on your links and perhaps sales will be generated in this manner. At this time it’s all experimental but if you have a great product and you get attention for it by buying followers, you win.

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