Should you under-promise & over-deliver?

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The path to customers definitely does not run smoothly. How to win them? How to keep them? How to engage them in social media? How to deal with the difficult ones? How to do damage control in the face of a crisis? How to keep your credibility? How to do new things? How to court new business while holding on to loyal customers who may or may not want you to change? It’s a rocky road. So along comes The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur with another strategy for getting customers to rave about you. The key to it all, says he, is to under-promise and over-deliver.
And how do you do this? Simple. Tell them you’ll have it there on Wednesday and deliver it on Friday – the Friday before the scheduled Wednesday. Promise two bars of candy and deliver three – but make sure you cover your cost, of course. Throw in extras that they don’t expect. If you deliver goods or services on the promised schedule, you are simply meeting expectations. For that you’ll have “satisfied” customers. Ah, but if you over-deliver, you’ll exceed expectations and for that, you’ll have customers who are mad about you rather than at you. They’ll sing your praises to their friends. And those friends will tell their friends and all of a sudden you’re just rolling in happy, excited customers. Somewhere a cautionary note is being issued. You may very well find unhappy customers who think you ought to be able to deliver it on Wednesday, but you tell them Friday. Let us know what you think?

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