Singapore: Where the shopping is easy

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News from the world of shopping says that PayPal, which is owned by eBay, is experimenting with another iteration of mobile shopping, this time in Singapore. Commuters at 15 subway stations in Singapore will be able to buy items from images on the walls of these subway stations by simply pointing their smartphones at the relevant QR codes then paying with a PayPal account. Ah, but what if your train arrives before your purchase is complete? No worries there. While you were sleeping, Singapore, being one of the most Wi-Fi friendly cities in the world, added complete and reliable connectivity on its subways. You can choose to pick up your merchandise or have it delivered. Such news prompted us to wonder why Singapore and not us. As it turns out, we’re not completely excluded from shopping on the run. We can buy beauty products while riding in a cab. But only if we’re in New York City during fashion week, and only if we land in one of the 50 equipped cabs. Ah well.

Singapore Parliament House @ the Heart of the City

Singapore Parliament House @ the Heart of the City (Photo credit: williamcho)

According to the Global Competitiveness Report, Singapore is the “world’s easiest place to do business.” Who would have guessed such a report exists.Singapore is also the least bureaucratic place for doing business in Asia and has the best business environment worldwide. It ranks in the top three for having the most motivated workers in Asia along with the best labor/employer relations in Asia. It isn’t clear who measures this and how, but such high rankings are impressive. Of course the Singapore subway is the perfect place for a store because it’s the most popular way to get around. In order to own a car there, a resident must apply for a Certificate of Entitlement, which grants them permission to own a car for ten years. For the price of the certificate alone, it is said you could buy a Porsche Boxster in the U.S.

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