Sketchbook Ink: An app for all artists

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News from the world of apps says Autodesk has finally launched Sketchbook Ink an app for the iPad that behaves like a regular paper sketchbook. One of the biggest differences between Ink and the plethora of previous drawing apps from Autodesk is that the images created with this app are not bitmaps so they can be scaled to very large or small sizes as desired – beyond 100 megapixels. They can’t be automatically uploaded to your social network site but they can be emailed or stored in your Dropbox account. The app is aimed at artists of all flavors from professional graphic artists to your average, gifted pre-kindergartener. Sketchbook Ink is compatible with Sketchbook Pro so an image can be started in Sketchbook Pro then completed in Sketchbook Ink. Well, that’s what the folks at Autodesk said.

Artists who think they want this app should get it as soon as possible at the introductory $1.99 price. Sit on the fence and you could wind up paying the true price of $4.99. Sketchbook Ink can be used with a stylus or a finger. Upon opening the app you will note two panels: One with seven different “inks,” and the other a set of color swatches. It is said to be intuitive while also allowing users to create artwork with very fine details, unlike other drawing programs. But beware. Even as the folks at Autodesk waited an extra two weeks beyond the planned release date, Sketchbook Ink isn’t quite the perfect app just yet. Some early users have already informed Autodesk of glitches and crashes they experienced while using Sketchbook Ink. Meanwhile, testers are already suggesting improvements such as “layers” for the next iteration of Ink.

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