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Yes, it’s another strange, made up word that sounds like something familiar. For all who can get past it, however, Skifta is getting much buzz at the Mobile World Congress happening in Barcelona this week. Others may have seen it at CES 2011 just recently. Skifta doesn’t have anything to do with skiffs, rather, it is an Android App that allows you to stream media from a remote server. Show your Facebook photos on your television screen. Play music, videos or music videos using Skifta and appropriate devices. You can access music from your home while you’re at a party somewhere else. A handy feature when your host’s playlist is just too lame. Though Skifta doesn’t provide a way for you to gently inform your host of this sensitive issue. One drawback is that Skifta doesn’t have 3G so if there is no Wi-Fi then it’s a no go.
Skifta was created to work with DLNA certified devices. While the tech-savvy among are already quite familiar with this, here is a primer, just in case. Digital Living Network Alliance is a standard currently being used in electronics manufacturers such as Sony, JVC, LG, Samsung and others. For instance, in the world of Blu-ray players, there are about 105 players that are DLNA compliant. All of which essentially means, older electronics keep getting obsoleter and obsoleter with every forward step in the world of new and fabulous apps. Okay, so obsoleter is not really a word but it applies. In any case, Skifta is the opposite of obsolete – for now.

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