Slideshare is more than sharing slides

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Awesome presentations want to be seen by more than the tired, bored, harried people who trip in and out of a conference room on their way to the next thrill. They want to be an authoritative source in their own right. They want to be shared and referenced. Just because they’re slides doesn’t mean they can’t have a life. This may or may not have been the thinking that launched Slideshare, just five years ago. But while it was launched as a place for uploading and sharing presentations, Slideshare has grown into a marketing tool in its own right. It has been called a “virtual bookshelf,” a “library in the cloud,” and a way to get yourself and your content discovered. Its recent acquisition by LinkedIn extends Slideshare’s reach even further – which also extends the reach for all who share on that network.

While we’re discussing the sharing of slides on Slideshare, it should be noted that this could very well also become the way to lose an audience with poor presentations. This is why it might be worth your while to head to Slideshare for a quick view of “You Suck at Powerpoint,” which commanded such instant popularity that it lead to a job for the presenter. As it turns out, the top mistake made by PowerPoint presenters is “too much information.” This overload of information in one slide causes people to tune out. On the other hand, Slideshare also has a popular presentation on designing “Slides that Rock” – from the folks of the same name. One thing to remember is that it takes about 30 hours of preparation to make a good one hour presentation. And if you think that’s a lot, remember, it’s better than the maple syrup ratio, which is 40 to 50 gallons of sap to a gallon of syrup.

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