Smart ads in a crowded world

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It isn’t clear whether Vitaminwater gives you energy but its advertisements give you power. In a creative move with their latest ad campaign, Vitaminwater installed advertising with charging stations in bus shelters. Commuters simply plug their mobile devices into the ad – for a charge. And of course, the power outlet is on the Vitaminwater bottle art. Charge your body with Vitaminwater, charge your device on its ads. Well, at least that seems to be the message here. An “alternative energy source” in more ways than one. Such creativity is attracting much buzz and probably generating much happiness in the world of “power” hungry mobile devices. Okay, so it’s only in Chicago, New York, Boston and Los Angeles.
But wait. There’s more. The creative pool behind the Vitaminwater power stations is also trying to spread smiles via Twitter. Ah, but they’re not telling jokes. They’re sending out free Jell-O pudding. In the world of Twitter, @Jell-OMoodMeter knows whenever you insert a frown in a Tweet :(. As soon as such a frown is detected, the mood meter sends you a link for free pudding – Your 🙁 just lowered the world’s mood, so we’re giving away free pudding. “When the world gets down, the world gets pudding.” Well, we have no idea whether free pudding will pick up the world’s mood but it’s nice that someone is trying. However, it is also said that – standing on head makes smile from frown but rest of face is upside down. Feel free to send us your smiles and frowns – we may not give away pudding but we’ll cheer you up.

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