Smart appliances at CES 2011

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Amid the flood of tablet computers, e-readers, 3D TVs and mega gaming options, the folks at LG came to CES 2011 with appliances. Yes, we mean washers and dryers, ovens and refrigerators, and vacuum cleaners. But these are not anyone’s grandmother’s appliances. These are LG’s smart appliances, featuring their proprietary LG THINQ smart technology. LG notes that its smart appliances may be one small step for technology but one giant leap forward for consumers in terms of convenience, efficiency and cost savings. Connected appliances could revolutionize the average home by putting a plethora of functions in the hands of an app, for instance.
Using its Smartgrid technology, LG washing machines can start the laundry at the most cost effective times, without human intervention. When the refrigerator door is ajar, a homeowner would receive notification via smart phone. Plus the aforementioned homeowner could use a similar method to check the contents of the refrigerator and also monitor expiration dates. Say goodbye to moldy food containers forever. Such connectivity could also diagnose service issues remotely. No need to take time off and wait for service people to tell you to plug in the thing. Of course all this stuff was promised before, and by now we really should have the smart dinner that cooks itself. Meanwhile in Brazil folks are settling in to another season of fried ants.

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