Smart phone + dumb computer = genius

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Whenever a new device hits the marketplace, we have a tendency to fall in love and soon after wish for more. Wouldn’t it be nice if the device could function like a computer, even though it was never intended as such? Such was the case with those first smart phones where it wasn’t enough to use the numerical pad for texting, we wanted keyboards. Later there was the iPad and we decided it would be nice to have a stand and a keyboard, all of which would allow it to be more like a computer. Now, latest developments in the extensions for small, smart devices include combining the power of a smart phone with the large screen features of a computer. Motorola, most recently of the Xoom tablet fame now has the Atrix 4G which can be hooked up to a device that looks like a laptop, except without a processor, storage or connectivity. In other words it’s not a real computer, it just plays one on the smart phone.
The accessory is basically a dock with a keyboard, screen and decent speakers. And it charges the phone’s batteries – which is always a handy feature. Once you dock the smart phone on the not-so-smart computer, you have the ability to use the Firefox browser, as well as the ability to play Angry Birds and possibly Fruit Ninja. Those who have tried this note that it isn’t as feature rich as a true computer. But in terms of convenience for highly mobile folk, it’s pure genius. You’re always online via the network, plus always able to access files because they’re on the phone or in the cloud. This could very well be the future of computing and devices.

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