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In the never ending world of iPhone apps, most in the species come and go without much fanfare. But when the folks at Adidas got into the business of launching their app, which is technically an advertising – or app-vertising – they rocked it with wild partying. Okay, so the partying may not have been wild but it wasn’t just your average launch.

At Adidas, their app isn’t just an ad for sneakers it’s also an urban art guide. And recognizing that art isn’t just the stuff of museums, the company includes a tour of art in hallways, backyards, even fences. Some of the Berlin graffiti is really awesome and they promise to add other cities in the future.

For now though, it’s all about art in Berlin and that’s where they launched their app. The company hid sixty pairs of sneakers behind sixty of the artworks featured in the app. App viewers could get more than just an art lesson. And why sixty? It’s also the sixtieth anniversary of Adidas. Folks want to celebrate.

A few years ago the book Sneaker Wars outlined the history of Adidas, started by two brothers. But it also became the story of several sneaker brands. The brothers did not get along. Plus, their wives disliked each other. One brother stomped off in a huff to start the Puma brand of sneakers. We aren’t sure about the stomping off in a huff part … you never know. Then Adidas bought Reebok and Puma was acquired by the company that also owns Gucci and the sneaker world goes on.

Most of all it’s an interesting concept not only to blend the world of apps with ads but also linking the app/ad to urban art. The art angle is likely to keep viewers coming back to see what’s changed. At least that’s what company executives hope. In the world of free and paid apps, research shows only five percent of users view these downloads after 30 days. However, all that walking around to view art is sure to wear out more than a few sneakers.

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