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Even as consumers economize to the core, it seems someone lit the flame under Greek yogurt, of all things. Over the past year, like smoke on the water, Greek yogurt sales floated past other types, selling well in both units and dollars. And of course, if more units sell, the dollar value of sales will increase because Greek yogurt has a “121 percent higher average equivalized price,” according to Nielsen, market researchers. Not so long ago in the land of Yoplait, Greek yogurt wasn’t even on the average consumer’s radar screen. It was all about the custardy texture. Now Greek yogurt hits the morning TV stage with regularity – and not only in advertising. It’s practically a viral product for the health conscious among us. In short, if you differentiate it, they will not only buy, they may pay more.
According to claims, Greek yogurt is all natural – high on the health conscious consumer’s list of qualities. It is also pro-biotic with good bacteria, and it has no sugar. But wait, there’s more. Greek yogurt is high in protein so it fills you up. Yoplait’s Greek has twice the protein of its regular yogurt. And best of all, Greek yogurt tastes great. Perhaps a new tagline is in the works – tastes great, more filling? Along the way, a couple of Greek yogurt companies jazzed up their ads and were noticed. The word yogurt is actually of Turkish origin, but in Germany it’s called Rahmjoghurt, Rahm being German for cream – who knew? And when the Greek yogurt phase is over, the next big food thing could be, Satsuma, purple potato, kumquat, Gruyere or garam masala – again from Nielsen.

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