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If brands won social awards, then National Amusements, Inc., a Viacom company, would own the title of most powerful social business. The index ranking, according to Dachis Group, “Analyzes the effectiveness of strategies and tactics organizations employ to engage the market through social channels.”

So why is this important?

The standard answer is that we need to recognize brands that are leading the way in social business. The real answer is that business leaders need better corporate role models. We need organizations who will convey to those leaders that becoming a social business is the smarter path. That the old playbook will not work in the new social age, and that becoming a social business will increase the company’s ability to adapt to market changes and take advantage of new revenue opportunities.

A business that only uses traditional marketing will produce suboptimal results, and will, in time, fade from being a great business – no matter how much of a lead it has now.

That’s something a lot of companies are learning –even today.

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