Social media is cow droppings

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By now it’s been said over and over that social media is an absolute must for anyone who is marketing anything. In fact, we’ve even said it a few times. But now along comes B J Mendelson with his take that such thinking is flawed because in his opinion social media is the equivalent of cow droppings, cow plop, cow pie – or that other more common word. Mendelson, with over 700,000 Twitter followers, who uses Twitter to publicize his book on the subject, emphasizes that social media is for comedians, celebrities and journalists. It is for big corporations and already known brands, so lesser known individuals and brands have little chance of being “heard” on social media. He’s pretty sure that social networks are useless for the aspiring artists and small businesses seeking to raise their profiles. Instead, he believes that marketing is about being a good person, making a good product and telling a good story – he tweeted that.

Mendelson points to figures that show the top five blogs, including Huffington Post, TMZ and BusinessInsider are all based in New York. The top five Twitter accounts, as measured by follower count are: Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Britney Spears. He concludes that, “…small independent content producers—whether bloggers, video producers, or entertainers looking for a break—have about as much chance as being struck by lightning as creating lightning in the apparent free-for-all social media is meant to encourage.” To be sure, Mendelson says there are no good social media tools or bad social media tools but YouTube doesn’t instantly make you famous – unless you’re Justin Bieber. Look behind the latest viral sensation and you’ll quickly find that the people behind are either already famous, or a big, traditional media company picked it up, or it’s Psy doing that horse dance – which was popularized via social media.


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