Social networking defragmented

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The social networking landscape is fragmented. With Facebook here. Twitter there. Here a Foursquare. There an Instagram. And while Old MacDonald must have been so overwhelmed by all that noise, you don’t have to be. No longer will you be confounded and confused by the wide array of social networking sites clamoring for your attention. You can get Banjo. In this case Banjo is not for playing, it’s for organizing your social networking so that you don’t get into a duel between your social networks. The Banjo app for iPhone and Android, claims to integrate all your social networking sites into one.
Banjo is like an umbrella. It’s the app under which all your social networking apps operate. You can Tweet directly from Banjo but you do not have similar capacity to update Facebook. Still, Banjo is said to be poised for serendipity. If you’re stuck somewhere with time on your hands and loneliness in your heart, Banjo may be ready to help you out. The app checks your networks and points out friends in the vicinity. Someone described it as your personal RSS feed. So while Banjo may not be a social network in itself, Banjo makes your social networking easier. One drawback is that Banjo operates according to boundaries. So if the people within your set boundaries aren’t doing anything interesting, you’ll be bored. But that’s probably when you’ll simply head directly to your favorite social networking site to find more interesting friends.

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