Solving the ink issue

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The five minute pitch. It’s what you do when you want customers, Facebook Friends, a dream job or venture capital? However, there’s an art to doing it well. In short: A clear story, illustrating the vision, the mission, the method, the impact and the bottom line. Forget the fluff, the flourish and the wimpy words. And if you can make it memorable, you’ll be the talk of the town and the subject of Tweets and Likes. The problem is that when you’re part of a crowd of pitches it isn’t that easy to stand and deliver a memorable one that also stands out from the crowd.
Think about ink for instance. It’s mundane, it’s been around forever. Actually, it’s not really forever because the Chinese had ink in the 18th century BC, while India Ink came from the 4th century – again BC. All around the world people have been writing with ink and others read that ink – literally. This brings us to the point about ink being cultural. Everybody around the world has a story and it’s written with their own hands, with their own personal inks. If you think of it, we’re all living in a kind of ink soup without even being conscious of it. But ink as we know it is disappearing. Now, along comes science to the rescue. Rumor is that there’s a process to harvest the ink from different written materials, including tattoos. From that they could capture a little bit of the culture behind the ink, so that people could experience other cultures through inks … except for one small problem .

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