Sony’s Flexible OLED

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Sony’s Flexible OLED

Published on June 09, 2010 with No Comments

Sony’s Flexible OLED is Thinner Than a Strand of Hair

THIN is the new PHAT … in ultra-thinness (just 80?m or a bit thinner than a human hair) Sony is utilizing the energy-saving power of OLEDs. The new prototype is so bendy that it can be wrapped around a pencil. From electronic newspapers to LED garments, just think about the applications such a display could be used for!

The whole OLED measures 4.1-inches in size, and has a 432 x 240 resolution and a contrast ratio of under 1,000:1.  It’s another world first, boasting that it’s the first time an OLED panel can still stream video while being rolled up (around a cylinder with a 4mm radius) and stretched.

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