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Those who went to the Malta Jazz Festival last year learned that Brad Meldau is the most influential jazz pianist. If the Malta Jazz Festival isn’t high on your annual must-do list, you might have encountered Florida-born and Connecticut-raised Meldau anyway. He is quite popular for his jazz arrangements of popular rock music and his collaboration with well-known jazz groups. (Just for the record, Malta in the Mediterranean is a former British colony where the national bird is the Blue Rock Thrush, not the falcon.) If the sound of jazz isn’t necessarily your thing, it turns out that music has the power to transport you back in time, cause your mind to wander and activate parts of your brain. Sound, not necessarily of music, is generally a very influential factor in our lives.
Marketers in the 1970s may have recognized this, which is why there are so many jingles from that decade. Now it turns out, sound is no longer the distinguishing characteristic of advertisements. It is thought that around 83 percent of the advertisements we see daily, depend on visuals to communicate the message. But restaurant management might want to know that when the music is slower than the human heartbeat, diners eat more slowly and eat more food. At the same time, silent slot machines in Las Vegas resulted in revenue falling by almost a quarter. What gives?
Martin Lindstrom, the neuro-marketing guru recently arrived at a list of the ten most “addictive” sounds in the world – though it isn’t clear how he defines world. Topping the list of branded sounds was – Intel. Can you hear it now? Of the non-branded sounds, it’s a giggling baby. Meanwhile, vibrating phones and phone ringtones occupied several slots on branded and non-branded lists. And who knew Letterman’s theme would round out the top ten, non-branded sounds.

Top 10 Branded sounds:
1. Intel
2. National Geographic
3. MTV
4. T-Mobile
5. McDonald’s
7. State Farm
8. AT&T Ringtone
9. Home Depot
10 Palm Treo Ringtone

Top 10 Non-branded sounds:
1. Baby giggle
2. Vibrating phone
3. ATM / cash register
4. “Star Spangled Banner”
5. Sizzling steak
6. ‘Hail to the Chief’
7. Cigarette light and inhale
8. “Wedding March”
9. “Wish Upon a Star”
10. Late Night with David Letterman Theme

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  1. Sounds feasible to me. I know when I’ve been at the casino playing slots, I hate the quiet ones – having noise on it makes it more exciting.