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In 1959, when Steven Spielberg was a Boy Scout going after his Photography Merit Badge, he discovered that his father’s camera was broken. With the scoutmaster’s permission, Spielberg got the badge by using his dad’s movie camera to make, “The Last Gunfight,” a nine minute film. In 1989, with Spielberg’s help, the Boy Scouts launched a merit badge in cinematography. Just a bit of trivia about the top movie director.

Spielberg Gunfight

And what does that have to do with anything? Well, for a mere $546, you can now carry around a whole lot of Steven Spielberg footage on your own spanking new 128 gigabyte Kingston Flash Drive. Plus you could add all of Elvis recordings – several hundred, Springsteen’s 100 songs, plus the Rolling Stones 437, and Elton John’s 50, top forty hits. And chances are you still wouldn’t fill up the flash drive. But it’s not like you could run out to the store and pick up your 128 GB drive in a – flash?

Kingston’s DataTraveler is a “build-to-order” flash drive that requires you to place an order through an online store or reseller. It is the world’s first 128 GB thumb drive and it includes security software and a sliding USB connector, the better for wear and tear. They are rumored to work with both PCs and MACs – a capacity that exceeds what many humans can or are willing to do. Excessively technical folk tend to quibble about details and as such it is important to disclose that not all the capacity is available for storage. Some of it is used for formatting among other things.

flash drive

As far as we’re concerned any small step toward more portable digital data is one giant leap toward a bigger and brighter digital future. As for Steven Spielberg, godfather to Drew Barrymore, and someone who has never had a cup of coffee in his life, he was refused admission to the USC Film School due to bad grades, now they’ve given him an honorary degree. It still doesn’t have anything to do with the 128 GB flash drive.

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