Squashing bugs: There’s an app

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Squashing bugs: There’s an app

Published on July 08, 2009 with 1 Comment

Small, heavy, flat objects can be useful for squashing bugs. So it wasn’t a very surprising discovery that all sorts of folk are using their iPhones to squash bugs. It’s flat, it’s heavier than a bug and well you get the picture. Or not. Before you take your iPhone to that cockroach on your desk, beware. Though it would be a fun thing to be able to use your iPhone as a flyswatter, the bug squashing isn’t real. It’s a recently released app called iRoach and it’s a game that you can buy for – under a dollar. Our apologies to anyone whose eyes lit up at the thought of swatting actual bugs with their iPhones.
For the rest, those not-squeamish souls who enjoy the sight of roaches and other bugs with their innards seeping out, iRoach is for you. The iRoach app has amazingly realistic graphics showing lifelike bugs before and after they’re squished. You “kill” the roaches and flies by tapping their moving images on the screen. Thankfully, without the disgusting ooze factor. One has to wonder at the folks who spend their time creating beautifully rendered cockroaches. But it is thought that cockroaches will outlive humans on the face of the earth anyway.
For those who don’t see the glee involved in killing bugs, there are folks who honor the average bug’s life. Currently, the Museum of Science in Boston is showing a digital 3-D film featuring the evolution of a praying mantis and butterfly. The producers went to great pains, in a very literal way to film in the rainforests of Borneo for authenticity. They schlepped heavy cameras and lighting equipment up muddy mountains and underwent major hardship – all for the love of bugs. Does it strike anyone as odd that one of the film’s sponsors is Terminix, an insect removal company?

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  1. this would be a cool app for the storm with it’s surepress technology..