Starting a Career in IT- Tips for Newbies

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Starting a Career in IT- Tips for Newbies

Every career ladder has the potential of providing stress. IT becomes rather more convoluted, owing to the many fields that fall under that umbrella. This means the first stage has to be effective planning – no battle can be fought without knowing your arsenal. You should be looking towards your qualifications, abilities, and ambitions before you start targeting those towards a specific role.


Picking the Path

IT is a broad church, to put it mildly. Telecoms jobs, support jobs, programming jobs, and project management jobs are all possibilities. You need to think about what area you can prosper in and where you can grow.

The main point to bear in mind is that this is the starting point, and like any other beginning, you need to understand what path will be the most beneficial to you. This requires you to be honest with yourself about your abilities and your aspirations.

Self Criticism

Not a bad process to undertake at any stage of your career, but essential when you are deciding what you want to do. What do you know? What do you want to know? When you can recognize what you offer and what you need then you can start a search, with an objective and target. This saves you time, and the rejection.

Tools of the Trade

You are not alone and not without support. When you have formulated your goal, one of the best friends will become a specialist recruitment consultant. Recruitment companies like Randstad Technologies make great partners in that they can help you tailor your CV, provide you with comprehensive information about companies and vacancies and act as your personal advisor. Leading recruiters in the technology industry maintain networks that can make your profile far more prominent.

Your Part

The career search process is always easier when it is conducted as a partnership, between you and your prospective employer, or you and your recruiter. You need to be as honest as you can be with every party, yet not brash about your achievements. You also need to consider goals beyond gaining a role.

In a long term view, where do you want to go and what do you want to learn? Demonstrating a wish to grow makes you a more attractive candidate.


Most importantly, you need to hone and update your CV often and with the role you are applying for in mind. A tired, cluttered and formulaic CV is easily spotted and will not get you to an interview. Research on the role and the employer is also a key strategy.

The thing to bear in mind when starting a career in IT is that you have to tailor your abilities to the achievements you wish to gain. To do that, you need to plan and target correctly. There are resources available to assist your search and a good recruitment company that is focused on your industry is priceless.

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