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In a world where details are cumbersome and news comes in 140 characters, podcasts may seem like your father’s type of medium. And perhaps it is. A study showed that podcast enthusiasts are highly educated, with high incomes, and are more likely to be “politically engaged.” They’re in their 30s and 50s – who knows what happens in the 40s. Regardless, those who favor podcasts might be thrilled to learn about Stitcher, an app that helps users discover podcasts. Even more, Stitcher is cloud based and works across devices. Start listening to a podcast on an iPad at home and continue listening on an Android device in the car. Stitcher will even remember where the listener stopped on the previous device. Now that’s convenience.

As a medium podcasts never seemed to catch on but rumors are that usage will grow to 17 percent in 2013. It’s like that really interesting person you met at a party and after exchanging contact info, you just never connected because life just got in the way. Years later, you find out the person is still interesting and wonder why you didn’t connect. The Stitcher app might just be the thing that changes your relationship with podcasts. The game changing feature that pulled Stitcher from the brink of obscurity is called, Smart Station. It has an algorithm that tracks each user’s preferences to compile a list of possible podcasts for that user. Give it a thumbs up or thumbs down and it adjusts accordingly. And while texting while driving is mostly illegal, listening to a Car Talk podcast in the car is highly encouraged – if you’re into that sort of thing.


Here are some popular podcasts available from iTunes:

The Nerdist by Chris Hardwick is well, self explanatory and amusing.

Pardon the Interruption is for sports fans.

99% Invisible is about design and architecture.

Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me is from NPR.

Freakonomics Radio is well, just plain interesting.

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