Streaming Cannibalization in Digital Music

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According to Digital Music News, the case for streaming cannibalization is lacking merit and not based on facts. According to US-based stats just shared by Nielsen, one billion songs have already been downloaded – and paid for- in 2012. That was once a smashing record for an entire year (ie, 2008), much less the span of 9 months. At this exact pace, current-year downloads would hit 1.33 billion, a calculation that assumes completely steady downloading rates through the holidays.

Companies such as Spotify, Pandora, Grooveshark, and other streaming services are reporting songs being purchased and their marketing strategies are working. Songs are being downloaded and purchased via these digital music services.

Cannibalization of traffic through social media and other internet markets have caused bitterness and contempt amongst rival services and products. It’s been a problem, but the fear of cannibalization with digital music has subsided as statistics are showing more music enthusiasts are buying the songs they stream and download, while social media and streaming sites continue to grow in plurality and function.

Guest post contributed by Patrick Blair. Patrick is a blogger, writer, web designer, and WordPress expert from Anoka, MN. He has been designing websites for over 2 years and is a performing solo acoustic guitar player. Check him out at

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