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Matt Marocco and his childhood pal, Ryan Stegman who is a Marvel Comic Book Artist decided to launch a learning tool that would help artists and others who aspire to draw. They called it I DRAW COMICS, a paper moleskine sketchbook – no digital version on the horizon just yet. To fund this venture Marocco went to Kickstarter with a request for $10,000 to fund their first run. Imagine their shock when the project attracted donors galore to the point that they raised more than $230,000 from over 6,000 backers pledging everything from one dollar to $1,700, with most backers pledging $25 or more.

“You’ve totally blown our minds … can’t even comprehend what’s going on anymore,” Marocco wrote. Marocco outlined a schedule for the book’s production along with estimated delivery times. Since Marocco had already completed a project called I DRAW CARS and now with Stegman being a bona fide comic book artist, with credits such as the Incredible Hulk and Amazing Spider Man, backers are sure the project will be successful. Backers will all get their tweets, books, hoodies and other rewards.

However, this isn’t always the case with Kickstarter projects. Some projects fail. What does Kickstarter owe the backers in such a case? Lately, this question has come up often. Kickstarter’s site notes that they aren’t Best Buy, selling prepackaged goods. At the same time creators are legally expected to fulfill the promises they make on Kickstarter and they’re also obligated to pay refunds when a project fails. But reality and theory are two different things. By the time a project fails the money raised might already be spent on development and legal fees, among others. So ultimately, successfully funded doesn’t always equal success.

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