Supermarket Scanner Recognizes Objects

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This Toshiba scanner, demonstrated in Japan, knows what fruits and vegetables look like – just hold them up the camera at the cash register, and it totals up the items. There is no need for barcode stickers on your food, no need for human consultation, and no need to differentiate between onions and scallions, etc.

In supermarkets, fruits and vegetables typically do not have barcodes. Therefore, these items can’t be read at the register efficiently. Employees must recognize the items and input the appropriate data to process the sale, which can take time, cause delays, and create bottlenecks for retailers. This technology provides an effective solution.

In this demo, there are three kinds of apples: Fuji, Jonagold, and Mutsu. The Fuji and Jonagold come from the same stock, so they look similar to the naked eye, but the scanner can distinguish between the two by recognizing subtle differences in pattern and coloration. Thereby, reducing check-out time, minimize delays in time, and improve the overall supermarket shopping experience. This is the future.

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