Surface: It’s a PC, a tablet – a skateboard?

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By now the debate is over and most have chosen sides; they either love Microsoft’s Surface or they think the product is confusing and impossible. Still, the Englishmen can’t all be wrong. They love the Surface sight unseen. Over there pre-orders of the Surface PC/Tablet combination have already exceeded capacity. Several colors of the “type” cover or “touch” cover accessory are also sold out. The covers have dual functions as a cover for the Surface device as well as either a super-light keyboard or touch pad. When in cover mode, the functions are disabled to prevent accidental typing or touching. Meanwhile, over here, we’re still wondering what to make of this new device. After all, it’s not an iPad. It’s definitely not a mini-iPad – also set to hit the retail market this week. While we all love iPad apps, Windows 8 with its grid of tiles is receiving mixed reviews.

Perhaps in an effort to reassure us that the Surface device is durable with functionality limited only by imagination, last week, Steven Sinofsky, the Windows Unit president, attached wheels to his Surface and turned it into a skateboard. Can your Apple iPad do that? Obviously, the 10.6 inch screen won’t cut it with dedicated skateboarders who spend their time grinding rails, but skateboards aren’t terribly popular in schools and offices either. Surface designers want us to know it is a “feat of engineering and a work of art” all rolled into one. It can be a PC, complete with the previously mentioned keyboard – didn’t we originally criticize the iPad for not being more like a PC? Surface comes either with Windows RT, which is an “exciting new version of Microsoft Windows” for tablets and PCs, or with Windows 8 Pro, which runs Windows 7 applications and “integrates with your existing enterprise management infrastructure,” – except it’s not out yet. Coming Soon.

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