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Published on September 03, 2016 with 1 Comment

Some day there may be an app for every book in the universe. But for now, the latest thing in circulation is the SAS Survival Guide in App form. The book, authored by John “Lofty” Wiseman was written in 1985, and has been a definitive guide to the art of surviving a multitude of scenarios and terrain. Now in the 21st century it was only a matter of time before such crucial information made to digital media in the form of an app.
Somewhere the Special Air Service (SAS) of Britain is out there fighting bad guys. There is also a Special Boat Service but there is no app for them. Regardless, the SAS app became reality when publishing house, Harper Collins teamed up with app developers, Trellisys to convert the book into an app. The Trellysis people swear that their culture is about encouraging singing in the office – for those who are musically bent. Perhaps that means the musically straight need not bother. Such singing is thought to foster a high level of creativity which is possibly how the SAS app came into being.

“Covering Sea Coast, Desert Tropics, Polar environments, and even urban disasters. You’ll find everything within the various chapters from how to make good guesses at weather by cloud formations, to how to navigate by the sun and the stars, to what amount of metal, brick, or wood will shield you from radiation. Chapters include First Aid, Hunting (yes, that means fishing and trapping too), Wild Food, and Camp.” You’ll also find Morse code. Now if only you can remember to bring your solar charger, you’ll be in good hands. Otherwise your battery might not survive.

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  1. Great app. Very helpful and useful.