Switzerland protects its privacy

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Most have accepted the reality that the word “privacy” is mainly just a word in the digital age. Personal data from health records to social media profiles are randomly transferred and shared on computers everywhere. And it may have seemed like mostly a logical extension of the lack of privacy when Google’s street view cameras started showing up in cities around the world. But now no less than the Swiss government is rejecting the notion that privacy is mostly a lost cause.

Street view with unidentified woman in Switzerland

Street view with unidentified woman in Switzerland

A Swiss official, demanding that Google delete any street view images of Switzerland, said such images violated the country’s strict privacy laws. Who knew? Unless Google can guarantee that faces, license plates on cars, and other identifying data would be obscured, the Swiss would like Google to remove all images. Those who pay attention might have guessed that the Swiss, famous for the privacy of their bank accounts would also extend such privileges to the entire country. Still, it’s a surprising development.

View of a snail on street in Switzerland

View of a snail on street in Switzerland

But it turns out that it’s not just the Swiss. It may be a secret that Greece has a Data Protection Agency. But such an agency also refused permission for Google to send its roaming street view cameras all around the Greek metropolis. Additionally, people from Japan to England are complaining. In one English village, residents formed a human chain to block the Google cameras. No word on whether they covered their faces while forming the human chain to protect their privacy.
It appears though that the Swiss are mostly private about their street views. When it comes to their air force, they have posted numerous videos on YouTube showing off their impressive stunts, though no identifying information is included. Additionally, we already know what kind of knives their army carries.
Watch Swiss airforce doing stunts

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