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    Bob Sapp Laxative Commercial

    Bob Sapp selling an Inoki brand laxative tea. He has the power to market a doomsday comet to a metropolitan city. Bob Sapp cut this video of him sitting on a toilet before and after…

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    The Kindergarten Guitar Band

    Watch these young kids play the guitar! They are bigger than the young children, but that doesn’t affect their playing skill.

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    Supermarket Scanner Recognizes Objects

    This Toshiba scanner, demonstrated in Japan, knows what fruits and vegetables look like – just hold them up the camera at the cash register, and it totals up the items. There is no need for…

  • Let my people design

    The design of common things isn’t just for design professionals anymore. No longer is the customer satisfied with the outdated notion of manufacturers designing and marketing merchandise. Today’s customer wants to participate. It’s time for…

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    Knock on Wood

    Knock on Wood by Justin King Check out, where you can buy the Le Bleu album (and many others), and see Justin’s other extraordinary talents.   Related articles In Praise of Guitars ( Guitar lessons…

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    One Week in Japan

    This film is made up of nearly 4000 photos taken in one week in Japan. Mike Matas San Francisco Photographer and User Interface Designer.

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    Sometimes, security cameras catch something totally different

    The world is shockingly a much better place than you think. “Highlight the good, inspire greatness & encourage mutual responsibility for the betterment of humankind.” Video by Related articles Israeli family in Ashkelon has…

  • Twitter knew but no one could tell

    Anyone who was watching television knows how the news about Osama bin Laden’s demise filtered out. First there was the announcement on the crawl that the President was about to address the Nation on an…

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    Super Fast Chilean Finger Painter

    Maureira, from Santiago de Chile, considers himself an impressionist painter.   View more of Maureira’s work on this Flickr site. Maureira also has a YouTube channel   Related articles Have you seen the videos of the super-fast…

  • Social vending: The future of gift shopping?

    What if you could buy a gift for someone at a vending machine and they could pick it up at another vending machine? You don’t have to wonder anymore because Pepsi has just done it…