Takes two or more to Tungle

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It isn’t known what possibilities exist for you to Tungle in the jungle but this free web app aims to simplify meeting scheduling by a wild country mile. Tungle is scheduling made easy using a single web interface. Those on say, Google calendar can easily link up with colleagues on Outlook or iCal. Publish your free and busy times to your sales team for easier access across time zones. Tungle with your staff for telephone conferences, lunch or happy hours. Plus it offers an OpenSocial extension for the social networking set. The folks at Google have tagged Tungle as the latest thing you can’t live without.
Of course the folks at TimeBridge may beg to disagree with anyone who claims that Tungle is the way to go. “Think of us as your calendar-wrangling, agenda-making, note-taking, team-motivating, secret weapon in the battle against workplace inefficiency,” say the TimeBridge folk. Say goodbye to so-so meetings and unlock the hidden potential so you can be a meeting hero or superhero as the case may be. At TimeBridge they may not have the catchier name but don’t they have a way with words?
While Tungle makes it easier for you to schedule a meeting, TimeBridge says it helps you run the actual meeting. Your attendees arrive prepared. Your agenda is followed and all eyes are on you as you run the meeting. And can 400,000 TimeBridgers all be wrong? Neither of these would be worth their salt in this day and age if it weren’t for their apps for the iPhone and Blackberry. Of course, if you’re the type to schedule meetings the old-fashioned way, it would seem that brownies, cupcakes and some lattes can go a long way toward a successful meeting without all the gadgetry.

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