Taking Your Business Online Is Easier Than You Think

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Taking Your Business Online Is Easier Than You Think
One of the most daunting aspects of growing a new company is the venture into the online world, and there are many scare stories that will put off many people from taking the step to establish an online presence.  It is true that there are many professional companies that will charge a lot of money for creating a website, and it is easy to overspend when it comes to marketing online.  However, there are also many free online tools that will allow people to combine their own creativity with some great templates to make creating a website quite straightforward.

The Benefits Of Having An Online Presence
There are many reasons why a small business would want to develop an online presence, and the main reason for this is that it can bring a significantly larger market to buy the business’ goods or services.  With many businesses, it easy to become stuck in a rut and to settle for working at a steady level, but for businesses looking for growth, there are two main sources – either to secure more orders from existing customers or to get new customers to place orders for the business’ products or services.

The other aspect of having an online presence is that more people will find out about your business, even if your sales aren’t actually completed online.  Many people will look at review websites and will examine the pages of a company’s sites to find out what services and products they offer before actually visiting them at their place of work.

Ecommerce Website Or Information Only?
When it comes to the websites that businesses can create, they will generally fall into one of these two categories.  The ecommerce websites are those that can actually generate sales online, and will see the money paid online by card.  The second type of website that you can make is one that simply includes information about your business, and the type of services that the company offers.  These can also include a pricelist and the facility to place an order by email or order form, but the payment is taken via a different method.

By looking at how your company takes its payments and the type of work that the business does, then this will usually give you a good indication of the type of website to choose.

Picking The Right Website Builder For The Site
There are a number of different tools that you can use for building websites, and each will have its own strengths and weaknesses.  For those who are looking to explore a website with an ecommerce facility, there are a number of different Ecommerce website builders  that can incorporate a shop into the site.  Jimdo is excellent for this purpose as it has a free Ecommerce facility with some limitations, while many others will also have the facility as a part of their premium package.

For those who are looking to create an information website, our favourite programs are Wix and Webs, which are both very good and intuitive tools.  Wix has a great range of templates and is particularly easy to use, while Webs has even more functionality but the interface can sometimes feel like there are too many options.

Whatever the type of site you’re making, taking your business online can be done with a minimum amount of work and design, and is really easy to do.

About the author: David is a professional Web Design and Ecommerce Specialist Freelancer 

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