Tap, Tap for an aquarium app

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Tap, Tap for an aquarium app

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Conventional wisdom holds that patience and dedication will eventually bring rewards. Fans of Tap Fish know this to be true. They are the ones who loyally visit their fish every six hours or so to feed the fish, clean the fish tank, love the fish and buy fish eggs. They may even visit their neighbors’ fish tanks and perform cleaning and feeding duties. But this isn’t all about dedication, it’s about points. Tap Fish is an iPhone app that allows you to create a digital aquarium and fill it with fish. Get sharks, exotic fish, coral reefs and more. Points, or coins, are earned for tasks such as cleaning tanks, feeding fish, growing and selling fish and even for showing your fish some love – though you can only express your feelings once every six hours.
Some may be tempted to consider this just another silly time waster. But true Tap Fish fans know there’s much joy and satisfaction to be gained with this charming, addictive digital aquarium app. Though Tap Fish is a free app, it is possible to pay real money through the iTunes store. Reports are that a father who allowed his child to play the innocent-looking Tap Fish game, was surprised with a $600 iTunes bill, due to unintended purchases. But it turns out the company behind the Tap Fish App will send you free fish bucks just for e-mailing them some details about the device on which you’re playing Tap Fish. For every fan who patiently builds up an aquarium by breeding, growing and selling fish, there are others who just want the shortcut. Enter the world of Tap Fish cheats. At some point Tap Fish gamers were using the referral feature for spamming purposes until the related cheat codes were shut down. Who would have thought?

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