Technology can help your pitch problems

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If you’re like us, you can’t help but get hopelessly hooked on every season of American Idol. You love Simon because honesty is so rare these days. You can quote the judges. Especially Randy Jackson – Yo Dawg. For me, it was lil bit pitchy.

And what exactly does pitchy mean. Isn’t one man’s pitchy another man’s individuality? As it turns out, a pitch imperfect performance is only a problem if you’re on American Idol. For everyone else there’s Auto Tune. This plug-in developed by Antares Audio Technologies, corrects vocal pitch problems so that any singer can sound flawless on a recording regardless of being pitchy. Folks using it are as varied as Jamaican dancehall singers, Madonna and rapper T-Pain who is widely touted as an expert on Auto Tune.

This vocal correction brings back memories of the time we dined on the best, barbecued ribs and chocolate layer cake at the “it” couple’s house? We felt sheepish but summoned the courage to ask for the recipe to make it for our friends. Only our version was a complete disaster and our friends thought we were trying to poison them. Much later on we discovered the “it” couple had ordered the ribs from an award winning joint and the cake was a doctored up mix that anyone can master. Cheaters.

All cheating aside, it occurs to us that Auto Tune is true genius at work. The technology was developed by Andy Hildebrand, a scientist who once used sound waves to predict where to drill for oil. The same technology can be used to detect oil and pitch. Who knew? Auto Tune can be used to enhance or distort vocals. If you channel your inner Cher, you might try to sing her song, “Believe.” But you can’t because she used Auto-Tune to make that off sound. With the right equipment you too can sound like a rock star. Or you can find oil in your backyard.

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