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That the age of computing has changed music isn’t news to anyone, not even the folks living under a rock. But over the past few years the curious trend called “Livecoding,” or on-the-fly programming continues to evolve. Rather than use instruments to perform music, live coders are on stage with laptops writing code in real time to compose music. When a band is performing music on stage, the audience can see the humans playing. Keen listeners can hear mistakes and bad dancers might be out of step. In live coding, there aren’t human musicians but rather humans computing. They frantically write code that may or may not be projected on screen for the audience to hear and see.
But while music technology may be interesting on one level, latest technology in women’s lingerie is even more curious. This is not often the topic of choice in the business world unless your business happens to touch on women’s undergarments but it’s compelling stuff. A Japanese company has developed a bra that doubles as a putting green. Unfurl the garment, hopefully it’s not being worn at the time, and it becomes a five-foot putting green with all the accoutrements of the usual putting greens plus a built-in, (electronic) speaker that says, “Nice shot.”
Designed to appeal to the avid – lady golfer? – the garment has pockets for extra golf balls and a detachable pin that doubles as a pencil. But wait, there’s more. It’s not just a bra, it’s a set. It comes with a skirt. And the skirt is not just for modesty, it’s for information. The words, “Be Quiet,” are emblazoned on the rear of the skirt which also doubles as a flag. The Japanese are well known for their efficient use of space. Who knew the definition of space was so broad?

On the fly programming demo.

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