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If you build it, will they come? And if they come, will they keep coming back? For every business owner who has pondered this question, there is now an answer. Why buy when you can try for less? This is the reasoning behind the temporary store trend. Whether seasonal or trial, the temporary store, restaurant, hair salon and more is a growing trend. It gives business owners the opportunity to test out a product or service idea without the major expense of a long term commitment. This model also works for Internet companies that aim to give potential customers an opportunity to interact with their products – only for a moment. Temporary bricks and mortar businesses make use of existing vacant merchandising space, leasing for a short duration.
One Internet clothing retailer used a “pop-up” store to build brand awareness by getting people to see their clothing and feel the softness of the fabric. Being an online retailer they maximized traffic to the temporary site through social networking. In another case, a designer opened a temporary store to take advantage of the crowds attending a nearby trade show. Even more than renting a vacant store, some temporary stores are just tables rented in another retail space. A baker showcased cookies at a rented table in a hair salon. Smart idea. Everyone eats, and after a haircut they’re feeling pretty good. And if it’s a bad hair cut, they need a pick-me-up.

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