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Noah Glass was working in a Johannesburg when he noticed how much people there used their mobile phones for financial transactions. There, much more than here, people use the mobile phones like debit cards for a variety of purchases. He merged this concept with the reality that so often during the morning or lunchtime rush, no less than 30 people are standing in line in front of you at the coffee or sandwich shop. Suddenly, fast food isn’t fast even as we live in a high-speed world. If everyone hated waiting in line as much as he did, there was a business idea out there. Why shouldn’t people be able to engage their technology to make this a more orderly process, Noah asked himself. And the answer was GoMoBo, which lets you text or e-mail restaurants to get your coffee, sandwich or sushi as the case may be. Customers credit card numbers would be attached to their phone numbers so that ordering and paying would take place in one step. In order to get the business off the ground Noah ditched no less than the prestigious Harvard Business School for the school of learning by doing.

It isn't known if GoMoBo works in Kenya.

It isn't known if GoMoBo works in Kenya.

Now everyone from soccer moms to NASCAR dads can skip the line and go for the mobile. Text the order to participating restaurants from Dunkin Donuts to Subway, Burger King and others, and suddenly fast food is fast again. It is said that participating restaurants have a special GoMoBo line. But really if everyone texts, the restaurant will text back to inform users when the meal would be ready for pick up. Presumably this stands to reduce the line to a few technophobic types who refuse to enter the digital age.

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