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Published on October 24, 2016 with 1 Comment

Most people don’t need survey results to tell them that Online Video is hot. But just in case, comScore has the data. Their statistics show that in August alone, 162 million people watched videos on YouTube with the average person spending around 5.7 hours doing so. Beyond YouTube, video watching numbers are also high for Hulu, Facebook and others. With practically everyone flocking to Online Videos, this is also the best way for advertisers to connect with possible customers. At least 50 percent of Americans saw video ads in August. They may have been ambushed into doing so, and as such they may have resented it, but they did see those ads.

Meanwhile, marketing gurus such as Stan Rapp don’t advocate abandoning other forms of advertising in exchange for videos. Brands can still be built the old-fashioned way. A restaurant could send out offers of free appetizers – via snail mail. People are still reading local newspapers. Take out a small ad there. Send out announcement cards in addition to announcement Tweets. You’ll also be helping out the USPS. However, playing in the video world isn’t that difficult. Use commonly available tools to make a smart video, and a small business has the same chances of going viral as a Fortune 500 company. In the words of Stan Rapp, “Get with the Web. It’s where the action is and is going to be. Jump in and learn to swim like a champion.”

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