The Advantages of BYOD for International Companies

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From personal experience, working for an international company, or at least partnered with a company in another country, can be one of the biggest headaches in the world. Everything seems like it is 8 times as

BYOD iPhone

BYOD iPhone (Photo credit: IntelFreePress)

difficult as it would be working for a company that deals with just one geographic region. However, one thing I have noticed is that an effective BYOD or ‘Bring Your Own Device’ scheme is one of the most effective and easiest ways to alleviate the hassles of an international workplace.

The advantages of utilizing a BYOD strategy can be one of the most effective ways for a business to increase workflow and productivity.

One of the more obvious aspects of BYOD is the hardware selection that is available. Obviously with people all over the world, traveling or not, allowing employees to choose their own device will guarantee that they are able to connect wherever they are in the world. Also it fits into the classic human emotion of want by allowing employees to get the device that they personally want.

The real reason why BYOD is such a success for international businesses is because of all the applications or ‘apps’ available for download. In particular there are apps for just about everything, so

English: Moscow-city 2010,March

English: Moscow-city 2010,March (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

basically, just about any problem and be solved with an app. Allowing for the freedom to use one’s phone for whatever they wish as in a BYOD scheme is the only way that many problems could be solved in any decent amount of time. Let me give a few examples.

The first prime example of a problem in an international business is of course language or cultural barrier problems. Fortunately there are a multitude of apps available for all of the major languages that can provide anything from translations to direct verbal readings for some things. The freedom to use an app like this of course wouldn’t be needed by everyone, but in those cases where someone didn’t know enough of the language to communicate effectively; it could serve as a great cost reducing/productivity tool.

The next example would be for when scheduling meeting and interviews over the internet or by phone. The problem when dealing with people in another country is that they are usually in another time zone, and many times, a scheduled meeting goes missed due to the fact that many people either forget to calculate or miscalculate the time difference in the other place. But again, there are specific apps that can calculate the time in another place based off a given time in your time zone or vice versa. Making sure meetings take place on time is one of the greatest productivity factors for any business, let alone one that operates with such a great difference in time.

The allowance of personal freedom to bring your own device or apps is one of the greatest productivity tools available to businesses today. However, getting your employees to take advantage of that freedom can sometimes be a challenge at first, but it is well worth the endeavor.

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