The art of daily deals

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By now over ten million people have checked in with Fourquare, which means an awful lot of mayors have been ousted and numerous badges have been unlocked. But now Foursquare is looking at Groupon and Living Social among others and thinking – there’s an art to that kind of deal. Hence the latest news that Foursquare is ready to market daily deals in conjunction with those other daily deal sites. Foursquare executives believe their added value is in their ability to track the location of users and friends of users as they all check in. Plus Foursquare is already a household name – almost.
Such targeting and partnering is just one niche in the daily deals marketplace. This method of buying and selling goods is growing exponentially as consumers everywhere embrace the daily deal idea. For shoppers who want to do good while getting a good deal, there is an even better idea.  Google offers businesses an opportunity to expand their customer base by offering daily deals. It’s advertising and sales rolled into one. But wait. There’s more. Once the dealing is done, at least 51 percent of the profits are donated to help make the world a better place for everyone. So don’t just sit there – sign up already.

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