The Art of Mastery

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“This place where your future comes together, where your gifts, your talent, your passion, comes into alignment with an opportunity. And where that happens you encounter a zone called, The Convergence Zone.” Lance Wallanu

“The chinese have a saying, “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right name. In other words, “words” do have meaning … people that have mastery in any subject, are able to make greater distinctions in the language that they use …

Lots of experience creates the ability to make better and better distinctions. Which means you have to have a philosophy that risks a lot of failure. Why? Because in order to have a lot of experiences, your going to have to trust the fact that you do not always know what you’re doing. The genius is, in learning from the experience, rather than trying to figure out what you’ve gotta do before the experience happens.” – Lance Wallnau

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