The bacon milkshake ad campaign

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For all who thought that bacon themed goods were so last year, there’s a new frontier. The Jack in the Box fast-food, restaurant chain recently launched a bacon centric advertising campaign. “Love bacon? Marry it!” So beckons the website for the Marry Bacon campaign which features a “secret” menu item that’s not on the menu. For a limited time, diners can order a faux, bacon flavored milkshake which does not appear on Jack’s menu. Faux, because the shake doesn’t actually contain real bacon, but is made with Torani’s bacon flavored syrup. The syrup is salty sweet with a smoky meaty flavor – no idea of the origins of the meaty flavor. The idea of a bacon shake tends to bring out the usual critiques about its hefty calorie count and fat content, but didn’t someone once say any publicity is good publicity – or something along those lines?

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Meanwhile, the Marry Bacon site is packed with suggestions for visitors and potential customers to interact with the idea. And yes, a video of a guy marrying a cheeseburger will either generate laughter or head shaking. But wait there’s more. Along the lines of Elf Yourself, visitors can upload photos to make a bacon baby, or explore a Tumblr page with wedding vows and a bacon ring. Plus there’s the bacon “tuxedo” for purchase. It isn’t known how the campaign has influenced the company’s sales figures but, along the way, the bacon milk shake idea has already generated much press for Jack in the Box. However, Midwesterners will have to trek over to the West Coast for their tasty treat of Jack in the Box menu items.

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