The benefits of a good explanation

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The benefits of a good explanation

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A good story is told, not written. And in the telling, a story is most interesting when it involves a sequence of actions, where the teller of the story is constantly raising questions that will hopefully be answered. And somewhere in the mix there is a moment of reflection. A moment that explains why you should care about that previously mentioned sequence of actions. Telling a story is different from writing an essay where there is a topic sentence and supporting sentences. Telling a story is a magical thing. Such are the building blocks of a story as told by Ira Glass, host of “This American Life,” on National Public radio.
Taking this lesson to heart, Lee and Sachi LeFever of Seattle, Washington embarked on a mission to explain things better. Their product is the explanation. Lee and Sachi are the brains behind Common Craft, a company that, well, explains things. Anyone can come up with a logical explanation but truly holding an audience’s interest requires rare skill. From RSS feeds, to social media to the World Wide Web, Common Craft videos use cartoon cutouts, humor and stop-motion techniques to create interesting, fun videos.
They have also linked up with a network of explainers who promise to tell the story of any company or product in an interesting manner with a high level of flair. Among the explainer network are folks who will animate, act out or reinvent a business story in a fun engaging way. It turns out people prefer fun and engaging anecdotes about products and services. And if there are stick figures and puns about cherry pie versus the number pi, all the better. Gone are the days of comprehensive, detailed explanations with presentation slides. The quickest way to a successful presentation

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