The Benefits of Using an Email Marketing Template

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Social media might be what everyone’s talking about at the moment, but the plain fact remains that email marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your message across.  That’s why so many companies are using it.  It allows direct interaction with your target market – your message delivered straight to their individual inbox.  It provides a greater reach that Facebook and constructed well, can deliver some outstanding results.

Funny Internet Spam for eMail and Websites is ...

Funny Internet Spam for eMail and Websites is Spicy (Photo credit:

It is not easy to achieve high click rates these days when the average Joe receives 100 emails.

Email marketing templates are typically designed by third party experts; specialists who know exactly how to pique your readers’ curiosity and best display your message without any technical glitches. It’s well worth investing in a template, especially if you’ve spent thousands on a marketing campaign – what’s the point if your readers can’t see it?

Here are a few other benefits of email marketing templates:

Removes the In-House Burden – Perhaps you’re new to email marketing, don’t have in-house capability or simply haven’t used such sophisticated techniques before? Well, rather than send a plain and boring email that screams ‘amateur’, a template can be created using your branding. This gives a far more professional appearance and encourages readers to pay it some attention, compared with an unbranded email that could be from anyone.

Full Optimization – Of course, email marketing isn’t intended exclusively for desktop PCs and laptops.  Increasing numbers of people access their emails via their smartphones and tablets away from the office, upon which, some emails may not display properly.  Using a template can ensure that your message is fully optimized for other devices and, importantly, legible.

Money Saving – Don’t underestimate the cost savings that can be achieved through using an email marketing template. While some initial outlay might be required in terms of getting the thing created in the first place, it can save funds in the long-term. For a start, you won’t have to worry about any on-going maintenance costs, changes to HTML code and the like. Secondly, you can use the template as many times as you like once purchased, so won’t have to shell out for another template when you’re ready with your next message.

Eye Catching Design = Increased Click Rate – Your content might be wonderful, but no matter how attractive your wording, there’s little point even bothering to proof-read it if your template prompts readers to hit delete. It’s imperative that you engage with readers and tempt them to click open your message. For this, you need a top quality design which stands out while loading images and text quickly. Your eye-catching, bespoke template could result in more traffic, more ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ on social media as a result and, ultimately, lead to greater sales.

Hopefully the above has emphasized not only the benefits of using email marketing templates, but also the important role they play in the success of your overall marketing campaign.

About the author: Stuart enjoys writing about the benefits of using an email marketing template and in his spare time can be found walking his three dogs or mountain biking on the South Downs of England.

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