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“Sources” say there is a $200 million deal in the works for CNN to acquire Mashable. If this were another tech company, we might have learned about it from Mashable. But for now, there is nothing concrete to go on. Whether or not there is a deal, Mashable, which started as a blog by Pete Cashmore and now has 10 million monthly readers, is a force in the “tech space.” Cashmore says he was a teenager trying to decide whether to go to college or not, but, recognizing that he wasn’t a fan of authority figures, decided to start his own thing, on a borrowed computer – because he could do it from his bedroom. Cashmore had serious health problems when he was just thirteen, which led to numerous absences from school, which led him to being attuned to the internet, which eventually cultivated his passion for all things digital. “If it doesn’t come through the Internet, it’s not really compelling to me. I don’t have a TV or watch movies. I don’t like to be broadcast to, I want to participate.”

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He started Mashable in 2005, when the word “mashup” was popular. Even then, he envisioned it as a business, having already dabbled in the digital business world from his small town inScotland. His first venture involved importing a gadget that blew smoke rings – a popular thing in theUKat that time. At present, Cashmore employs dozens of writers to create content for the site but he started out alone, without any connections. The site gained significant popularity by the end of the first year. About 60 percent of Mashable’s revenue comes from advertising and the rest from events and a job board run by Mashable. In terms of business advice, Cashmore says, “Execution really shapes whether your company takes off or not…you’ve got to do the follow-through.”

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