The case and more for iPhone 5

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By now the iPhone 5 is already a huge success with sales topping five million in just a few days, and demand already rumored to be “outstripping supply.” How could they not have forecasted the demand versus supply dilemma? Regardless of the outstripping factor, the success of iPhone 5 is great news for iPhone accessory makers. These are the folks behind the scenes quietly milking the rumor mill during the lead up to the actual phones debut. Since Apple doesn’t call them into the Apple conference room to show off device specifications ahead of time, accessory makers are hungry for details from the rumor mill in order to launch cases, screen protectors, docking stations and what not. Of course the iPhone 5 gave accessory makers both a challenge and an opportunity when it “surprised” everyone with a new connector. It would be sort of like if you had to buy your entire music collection all over again all because someone invented a new format. Like that would ever happen.

Among the numerous accessories makers in a multi-billion dollar market, the folks at Hammacher Schlemmer are contributing a giant, horn amplifier that could also function as a Thanksgiving table centerpiece. However, it does produce “naturally resonant tones,” which is why anyone with a spare $500 might want to jump on this before it’s gone. A more understated set of accessories comes from Pad & Quill, a Minneapolis company that created “The Little Black Book” series of cases for iPhones and other iThings. Based on “intelligence” from the rumor mill their iPhone 5 case is already available for pre-order. Shipping begins October 7. In Hollywood, Florida, the people at Marware are reported to have a “war room” for distilling the rumors about the iPhone 5. Some time ago, their intelligence got it wrong and they were forced to redesign. But not this time. In any case, no one needs to go without an iPhone 5 case.


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