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By now iPhone cases have evolved with designs that fit just about every personality and preference. Dog lovers might have picked up the one that features a Weimaraner’s face, while musicians might have chosen the one with piano keys and golden music notes. But now a case by Gizmon is making news on its own. The Gizmon iCa is an iPhone case in the style of a classic Leica camera. It even has lenses and a tripod. The Gizmon iCa is generating buzz and reviews not only for its looks but also for its functionality.

One reviewer thought it was easy to forget that you’re using your phone when you look through the iCa to shoot photos. Still, users should remember that the iCa doesn’t actually transform the iPhone because it’s just a case. It doesn’t fix any of the iPhone camera issues that photographers have already focused on. Additionally, the tripod gets less than stellar reviews for standing up to tough shooting situations. The tiniest gust of wind might send the phone and all its accessories flying – and you definitely don’t want that. Plus if you receive a phone call while shooting, you might look silly answering your vintage era camera. Not to mention texting.

Meanwhile there are other buzz-worthy iPhone cases. The Morphie Juice Pack is actually a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that is also an iPhone case. It promises about seven extra hours of browsing time or six to 12 hours of talk time, depending whether you use 3G or 2G. The people at Case Mate are marketing an iPhone case with backing that looks like tire tread – and no, it doesn’t count as a spare. Chocolate lovers might go for the case that’s shaped like a chocolate bar but a German company is marketing a truly luxurious iPhone case. It’s made with 18 carat gold and inlaid with diamonds – retailing for $116,000.

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