The chips may not fall

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For years it’s been “Intel Inside.” But in the not so distant future it could be, “ARM Inside.” And that’s not a reference to sleeves. To be completely accurate, instead of ARM, it’s really, “Advanced RISC Machines,” a chip maker that’s rumored to be heading into Intel’s market space. For now they don’t have that catchy jingle and rock star image but they are around in more places than you might have imagined. It turns out that Intel hasn’t been the only (big) game (chip maker) in town. All along there’s been this unobtrusive British company that makes chips for little smart devices. Their chips are in 85 percent of smart phones and in the iPad, of all things. Their Mali line is said to be bringing stunning graphics to games on mobile devices.
In an age where tablet computers and sleek mobile devices are attracting all the buzz, ARM’s chips consume less power, leading to longer battery life. And let’s face it, until someone invents air charging capabilities, we’ll all want to postpone the dreaded quest for an outlet for as long as possible. Up until now, Windows zero through seven and XP ran on Intel chips. But along comes Windows 8, some time soon, and it will run on both Intel and ARM chips. But that doesn’t mean Intel is anywhere near down for the count. Plus, ARM chips do not have the fast processing speeds of Intel and lo and behold, Intel is already testing a chip for phones. Such competition is ultimately good for consumers, and for the manufacturers who make consumer goods with chips, because prices could come down. Let the cage fighting begin.

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