The customer is pampered at the Apple Genius Bar

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Anyone who has ever visited one of Apple’s famous Genius bars knows the feeling. A rush of warm, fuzzy feelings for the amazing customer service. Perhaps you thought, They’re just like me, they understand what I’m going through. And it isn’t as if you would be wrong. Apple wants you to feel appreciated and loved. Recent word from the Genius Bar training manual demonstrates Apple’s commitment to happy customers – who will happily part with their money in an Apple store. You hate that Apple products don’t have a mouse? The Genius you encounter will empathize with you, understanding your dilemma because all the Geniuses will admit to having had similar feelings. The training manual tells them to do that. Whether you say the product is expensive or that you hate when tech support takes a long time, Apple’s genius crew will put you at ease.

Cynics who read the training manual were critical of Apple’s approach. They saw it as genius customer mind games. Maybe even lies. But for Apple it’s a good strategy. If you go around asking, chances are you’ll find that every business wants happy customers but most find it difficult to implement “happy-making” customer service policies. But Apple’s Genius Bars are different. Customers flock to these places wherever they are. With 375 Apple stores, approximately 50,000 customers visit the Genius Bars every day. Now Apple is also taking its Genius Bar concept online, except that it’s only in the UK, Germany and Brazil. Click on the “Let’s chat,” icon and soon enough an Apple genius will be personally attending to your issues. Buy a device and you can schedule an appointment for help with setup, downloading and more. All because Apple wants its customers to be “completely satisfied.”

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