The delight should not vanish

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Are you wearing underwear? And if we didn’t ask, would you have been conscious that you’re wearing underwear? According to Jonah Lehrer, who is basically a genius by most definitions of the word, “Love is the opposite of Underwear.” And in this case underwear is the symbol for the loss of delight. The first time you experience something is the best time, whether it’s the iPhone, or chocolate cake, or the sight of a pretty woman, or the new job. In some cases the thrill will linger into the second, third and fiftieth time before the delight of it vanishes and you take it for granted, just like underwear.
The things that you truly love will endure beyond the fiftieth time. The delight will stay with you because you truly enjoy pursuing it. And if you follow Jonah Lehrer’s logic, success is tied to delight. Whether it’s a product, a career or a marriage, you’ll be more successful at it if your delight in it doesn’t vanish. When you delight in something, you’ll work harder at it. You’ll be more in awe of its possibilities rather than disappointed with limitations. So Lehrer believes that the art of being successful is choosing something where the delight will not vanish – that also aligns with your talents. Of course, in the end we are all just waiting for the next thing to come along and delight us – and sometimes it’s underwear.

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